Online Platforms

  • Online Medical Image Management Platform

    Our browser based online medical image management platform obliging no software installation, enables the uploading, browsing, annotating and sharing of medical images such as radiology and ultrasound images in DICOM format or digital pathology slides in various formats, meeting the need of medical image data management of multi-center research projects.

  • Phenotypic Biomarker Discovery Platform

    Our phenotypic biomarker discovery platform based on radiomics and pathomics technology, efficiently integrates various AI medical image analysis modules, and rapidly establishes multiple clinical decision models for patient stratification, prognosis prediction, and efficacy evaluation to meet clinical requirements for precision medicine.

Precision Diagnostic Products

  • Portoguard - Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension Detection System

    Based on the radiomics technology, the Portoguard system analyzes patient's CT images in real time. Patients with liver cirrhosis are divided into five subtypes according to different clinical prognosis. This result can assist doctors in decision-making of clinical diagnosis and treatment plans of patients with liver cirrhosis.


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  • AI Gastric – Gastric Cancer Chemotherapy Sensitivity Prediction System

    AI Gastric – Clinical: Prediction of the chemotherapy sensitivity in patients with stage 2 or 3 gastric cancer using routine clinical data.

    AI Gastric – Immunoscore: Based on the pathomics technology, patient’s IHC stained pathological images are rapidly analyzed to generate an immune score for predicting the sensitivity of postoperative chemotherapy in patients with stage 2 and 3 gastric cancer.


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Service Areas

Precision Diagnostics

Phenotypic biomarkers developed by Bio-Totem can be used for precision diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, providing doctors with critical information such as patient stratification, prognosis prediction, and therapeutic evaluation in real time.

Pharmaceutical R&D

Bio-Totem's medical image management system and phenotypic biomarker analysis system can help pharmaceutical companies accelerate the drug development process and establishes multiple diagnostic methods that correspond to specific drugs.

Scientific Research

Bio-Totem provides convenient data management and data analysis services for medical image related research projects, helping researchers to improve research efficiency collectively and obtain more abundant research results with multi-dimensional tools.

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